Professional film and photography

Connect with your customers through video and photography. 

We’ll put your story, products or information into beautifully crafted video putting you centre stage where you belong.

We’ll guide you through the whole process from storyboards to finishing touches, and all the time using best practices.

Create engaging, innovative and
rich content as never before

Make your story believable

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About us

Scout - Founder & Entrepreneur

Sadly, playing on the rainbow bridge. Scout’s dynamism and enthusiasm for his company went in leaps and bounds. He was a true visionary with the softest and deepest soul.

Expert in:


Jazz - Current Managing Director

Jazz joined the company in 2012 rising from a small, shy and introverted puppy to a full blown barking maniac of a terrier who won’t stop digging.

Expert in:


Sleeping in any bed.

Changing couches to sleep on.



Turning in circles before a poo.

Final Cut Pro editing.

Graphic design.

Cerys - Complete and Utter Numpty

Cerys came to us from Wales where she had previously been a puppy. Current things she is scared of is the dustbin lorry, shadows and thunder. That’s it really. An amazing dog.

Expert in:



Sofa hogging.

Bed hogging.

Dog bed hogging.

More biscuits.


Mike - Worker Bee

Jazz and Cerys are really office based so I really do most (all) of the heavy lifting.

Expert in:

Sleeping on the very edge of the bed because of the above.


Various things to do with work.

Chicken soup.

Liz - Queen Bee

Amazing designer, art worker and illustrator. Liz creates all our artworks for printing and digital. She swears a lot at technology and would sooner levitate while the earth rotates rather than fly in a plane.

Expert in:

All things.

Everything that’s not covered by anyone above.

Film and photography are our passion,

so we have made them our profession.




Using all the latest technology from multiple cinema cameras to green screen, from autocue to TV switchers, from live webinars to drones, from sound effects to live presenters, we have it covered. For events, conferences, interviews, corporate films and short stories, we plan meticulously and finish with fine detail on colour accurate monitors and up to 4K resolutions.


We have been photographing for over 40 years and we think we’re pretty good at it. In fact, we’re quite the camera crazy people. If you’ve ever seen our offices, there are cameras in every corner of every room. From the old fashioned 5x4 film cameras to the very latest 50mp digital cameras - and more lenses than you can shake a stick at. We absolutely and completely love photography!




Essex & Herts
Air Ambulance

Drayton Manor High School

Intro to Ceva
Welfare Awards

Carolyn Menteith   Animal behaviourist

Animals - we love photographing all of them!

‘Thank you’

Abby Bunyard Farrier

Other photography - too many categories!

All those added extras… 

it’s what makes all the difference

Filmaufnahmen in FullHD
Hochwertige Filmmusik
Filmkommentare von Voice-Over Sprechern

Full HD or 4K

Deliver your story in HD or 4K ready for online viewing or straight to TV in the highest quality.

Pro Sound

Sound is everything. You cannot watch a film with bad sound. We’ll make sure you don’t.

Voice Over

Add a voice over to ensure your story is told as fully as possible. Much better than reading text on a screen.

Interview für den Imagefilm
Filmaufnahmen aus der Vogelperspektive
Veröffentlichung der Imagefilme bei YouTube


Warm, friendly chat style interviews work well. We have autocue for those who need to speak to camera but may be a little word shy.


The world looks so different from the air. We have two drones which shoot up to 4K quality plus we are licensed by the CAA and know what’s legal.


When you’re film is ready, we’ll give you advice for where to post and how. We’ll make sure the video compression allows for smooth downloading and streaming from your websites.

Stunning photography

Show off what you do best with brilliant high resolution, fully colour graded images. 

We will always shoot at the highest quality so you can reproduce your images at the right resolutions for print, social media and web, and for exhibitions and events.

We can supply files in any format you need and we will also explain the differences between them if you require.

Some people who like working with us

“A total visionary who takes time to understand your vision and bring it to life whether that be visually, audibly or in marketing literature. During times of pressure such as events there is no one better to come with a solution and a calm approach. Totally genuine and you know that he is going to do exactly what he promises. I cannot recommend Mike highly enough.
He has always been a pleasure to work with.”

Ginette, GBCC

I have worked with Mike and Liz on many diverse projects for over five years. Be they photographic, film making or design, they always offer a fantastic, creative, innovative top quality service. From inception they take ownership of your idea, bring it to life and together your vision becomes a reality. I cannot recommend them highly enough and they are always my go to, I absolutely love working with them.”

Fiona, Horslyx Ltd

“I cannot recommend them highly enough and they are always my go to, I absolutely love working with them”

There are plenty of cameramen in the film and video production business but there are very few that can interpret a brief, and translate that into a stunning visual product that conveys not only the message but the emotion needed to transform it from the ordinary into something both watchable and unforgettable. Not only can Mike do this but he does it with a relaxed professional attitude that puts everyone at their ease, and a humour that makes filming a joy.

Carolyn, Sirius Production Company

Mike has been a godsend to our school. He is efficient, knowledgeable and so easy to work with. Be it photography, filming or the creation of a new website, he always ticks the boxes

Stephanie, Drayton Manor High School

Amazing events

If you’re going to hold an event, do it style. From projectors to video walls, lighting to dinner tables, our event partners work closely with us to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. 

Oh, and why not film it or even better, livestream it and get your audience involved.


We would be happy to advise you personally

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